SmartTalk Connected Conversations - Patricia Heaton

Fri, 03/12/2010

When I’m asked if I’m having as much fun as it looks like I’m having at the Smart Talk events in Cincinnati…the answer is an astounding, yes!  Last night Smart Talk brought the brilliant and hilarious Patricia Heaton to Cincinnati for their Smart Talk Connected Conversations series.   

Patricia was bubbly and so interesting.  She’s definitely a girl’s girl.  She feels like one of your girlfriends.  Best of all, she’s from Ohio!  (No wonder she’s so sweet!) 

She’s not a fussy diva actress.  In fact, she was forthright about the “work” she’s had done to her body, some of which are, collagen fillers, Botox, veneers on her teeth, tummy tuck, breast lift, fake nails, fake eyelashes, amongst many other treatments.  Hey, she is in Hollywood after all.  Of course she feels the pressure to be beautiful.  She even jokingly talks of the new hairs that are growing on her face now that she’s hit menopause.  …see, I told you she was open to sharing everything! 

She’s been married …to the same man, gasp…for almost 20 years!  She has four sons that seem to make her world go around.  After an incredible successful run as the wife/mother on Everybody Loves Raymond, she’s now on The Middle, which is also enjoying it’s share of newfound success. 

She shared with us the trials and tribulations of Hollywood and Motherhood.  For instance, at a casting call, a director pulled her aside and said, “look, honey, I want to be honest with you, we are looking for an extremely attractive actress.”   Ouch!  It takes some thick skin to endure that type of torture.  She also speaks about Hollywood’s beautiful people “starving themselves.”   She said when she was broke and had no money, her refrigerator only had yogurt and Grape Nuts.  Now that she’s a successful actress…her refrigerator only has yogurt and Grape Nuts.  Actresses have to starve themselves to remain viable in Hollywood.  Hunger would definitely be a downside of fame. 

One of the most endearing things I love about Patricia was that she’s deeply spiritual.  She “gets” the mind/body/soul connection.  She attends church regularly.  She has gone on missions to help those less fortunate.  

Our girl, Patty, has it all, and she’s worked hard to get it.  Congratulations to yet another fearless female leader of our time.  For more, read her book Motherhood and Hollywood, How to Get A Job Like Mine.